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The industry is bursting with new talent

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Zamani Mbatha

Mzansi Magic's new telenovela Isithembiso is opening up the industry and we are here for it.

The cast is a perfect balance between legendary actors who have been in the industry for decades as well as new faces such as Zamani Mbatha & Tshenolo Seabi.

Zamani Mbatha who is Nomzamo Mbatha's younger brother is one of the many new talents on the show & the rising star is determined to make a name for himself.

He plays the role of Zamani, a good hearted hero with a hunger to make something of himself.

Speaking to ZAlebs, the actor who is fresh out of high school let us in on his journey to playing the role of Zamani on Isithembiso, "I was in high school last year, this is my first job, my first everything. Before this, I wanted to be a soccer player but that did not work out, but I have always known that acting was my calling."

Zamani Mbatha

"This is my first acting role, when the opportunity came by I knew I had to take it, I asked my sister to let me know when she hears anything about auditions and she did, although she is in the industry, she did not get me onto the show, I had to go audition like everyone else." he added 

Now that he has this platform, he plans to make it work for him, he lists Denzel Washington as one of his greatest inspirations, "that guy is so good, he makes me want to become a better actor."

Zamani says that he isn't doing this just for himself, he is doing it for his mom too, "I want to see my mom happy, I will do anything to make sure she is happy."

"She is very proud of me, she calls me every night after each episode and that makes me so happy, everything that happens on screen touches her, whatever my character goes through on the show, she goes through it with him."

Zamani Mbatha

Speaking about how fame has changed his life he says, "I am used to people coming up to my sister when we are togehter so now that it is happening to me, it feels a little weird, I like it but I will not let it get into my head."

"I do not want to lose myself in the attention, I always have to remind myself of where I come from & what I would like to achieve, that will help me stay grounded."

It is refreshing to see young talented individuals who have their heads screwed on right, he is definitely one of the faces to watch in South Africa, this talented actor is going places.

Image credit: Instagram/zamani_mbatha

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