Zanele Mbokazi Accused Of Scam Again

"She effortlessly glides from scam to scam"

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The founder of the Crown Gospel Awards Zanele Mbokazi-Nkambule has been embroiled in another scam allegations.

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Her video made rounds on social media where she is talking about the purpose of Pathways Institutes. According to Isolezwe, Zanele is one of the Directors of the school.

In the video, she highlights what the school offers which includes short courses in bricklaying, agriculture, and many more. She also shares that the registration fee is R2500.

Fans and other celebrities have since reacted to the video calling Zanele out for a scam.

Reality TV star producer and director DJ Olwee shared the video saying. "She effortlessly glides from scam to scam."

However, others still have faith in the businesswomen. Shamiso Hlatswayo responded, "I don’t think this one, in particular, is a scam. She saw a need and provided a solution. I hope the young people who enroll are given the skills needed to be self sufficient."

Back in 2019, Entertainment Commentator Phil Mphela also called Zanele out after another video surfaced on social media. In the video, Zanele is telling people to join an online business promising them fruitful results. She also explained in the video that she was making R10 000 per day.

Reacting to the video, Phil asked why Zanele was scamming people. He continued, "No way a company or people can just give you R10k every day for free nje. Even shares in a company fluctuate in value. So Lana you register on a company in Dubai (red flag) and you supposedly just receive money randomly nje!"

Other tweeps also did not buy Zanele's story. In an attempt to defend Zanele @eyem_badela tried to explain how the business works. She wrote, "No you not receiving money just randomly this is an online network marketing company uthenga i package and immediately get what we call owners rights uqale usebenze labo 10k is a matching bonus mali eyenziwa ngabantu aba under wena in fact its 10% of whatever they make

News24 also put Zanele on blast in 2002 following her alleged fraud investigations. According to the publication, she had used a fictitious invoice book to defraud the council of R3 000 during the Durban Celebrate Week.

It was reported that the money was supposed to pay Bhekokwakhe Zondi, a photographer that was hired to take photos at the event.

"She told me she would contact me when the money was available. Sometimes she would become rude to me, saying I had become a nuisance and that she would chase me out of her office," Bhekokwakhe told the publication.

The photographer also shared that he called the Council to ask about his money, and he found out that Zanele had claimed the money a long time ago.

"She supplied a fictitious invoice and also forged my signature to claim the money," News24 quoted Bhekokwakhe.

The publication also shared that Titus Sibanda had previously accused Zanele of short-changing him out of R150 000 to stage the Miss Durban beauty pageant, part of the Durban Celebrate Week event. 

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