Zola 7 On How Artists Die Broke Because We Worship American Artists And Content

'We lack patriotism.'

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Mzansi's all-time favourite musician and philanthropist, Zola 7 has reminded us again, on why we fell in love with the good head on his shoulders. The multi-talented TV star recently got candid with South Africans, about the brunt and intricacies of not promoting African content in the local entertainment industry.

Zola said we can conquer the country mentally, that is why American artists are so big in SA because they get more airplay than homegrown talents, because we lack patriotism.

In a video posted on his twitter account, Zola opened up about how not promoting African content hardest hit the industry and artists, he said " We have not conquered TV until we change it, and it sells ideas of Africans and South Africans, as a grown-up I want to say the youth is lost. The people who put content on TV and radio, are grownups who feel the need to hype American comedy, music and American soapies against the creativity of South African."

He went to say that the reason why many artists in the industry end up dying poor, is because we don't put bread on their tables.

" Then you read on the newspapers that Brown Dash died broke, Mandoza lost his 7.5 million house, two of Zola's houses got auctioned, It boils down to bread on the table, if you don't put me out there, my bread will become smaller."

He further added that we worship a lot of international artists, that is why they are big in SA "Can you imagine how much SAMPRO has to pay Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, from their South African airplay while we are here, but we are the ones who do campaigns, But Jay-Z is the one who gets the money, and he doesn't need to come here, people worship him here."

He said this is what Cassper Nyovest, was talking about in 2015 when he said on Metro Fm, he wants to be treated like Beyonce in his home country.

Cassper responded and hyped praises on his intellectuality.

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