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History has been made at the Miss Universe Pageant and we are here for it! Current Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, has shown some support to the first ever  transgender woman to participate in the pageant.

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Transgender Miss Spain Ángela Ponce will be taking part in the 69th Miss Universe Pageant next month. She is celebrated by Zozibini Tunzi who in the same length will be fighting off any negativity from trolls. 

Zozibini spilled some facts about the surge of violence against transgender people and how it increased by 226 percent last year. The beauty queen called for these senseless killings to come to an end and said transgender people have human rights too.

"I just recently learned that violence against trans people has surged 266 percent from last year. They deserve to live a life as humane, happy, and free as any other person. Stop with the violence! I’m gonna say this in case it has not been clear. Trans rights are human rights," wrote Zozibini.

Zozibini decided to switch off comments on her post and made it clear to homophobes that they are not welcome to spew homophobia on her timeline.

"I intentionally turned the comments off on this post because I could already see the transphobic comments coming in and we don’t do that here on my page. I won’t give you the space to be hateful. We operate on love here. Have a good day."

Zozibini's reign will soon come to an end when she crowns a new Miss Universe after becoming the longest-reigning Miss Universe in history. She recently expressed how excited for the contestants "My @missuniverse fan side is screaming! It's always so exciting for me to watch the show and it is finally here. I'm so excited for every contestants' journey and I wish them all the best of luck!" announced Zozi.

We stan a Queen! 

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