#Uyajola99: Atchar Will Never Be The Same

No more atchar & magwinya for us

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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While some believe Jub Jub is doing the Lord's work and fixing the country, some people are of the belief that Moja Love's new reality show - #Uyajola99 is going to burn Mzansi to the ground.

The first episode started off on a high yet very dramatic note as slaps and fists were thrown about, thanks to Jub Jub and his mission to "fix the country."

The one hour show first introduced us to a young lady who suspected that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She was right, he was cheating on her, but it gets worse, the guy was cheating with his lady's younger sister.

The sad part is that the girlfriend is pregnant and the moment she found out that her man was cheating on her with her own little sister all hell broke loose.

The #Uyajola99 crew caught both cheaters sitting very cosy together at some restaurant. A fight erupted immediately as the cheating boyfriend tried to duck and dive the fists and slaps that came his way.  The pregnant lady saw red and was ready to bulldoze anyone who was in her way while the little sister ran for her life outside.

Caught red-handed and tearful, the man had no choice but to apologise to his pregnant girlfriend who now wants nothing to do with him.

The sad part about this cheater getting busted is that the girlfriend has no interest in having his baby anymore, she basically told Jub Jub that from now on she does not care what happens to the baby.

As for the little sister? Well, it seems the siblings will try to work things out in the long-run but the pregnant lady has no interest in fixing the relationship with her cheater. Oh yeah, and the little sister got a bit of a beat down too during the commotion 

The Cheating Atchar Lady

Just when we thought we had seen it all, enters the second episode which introduced us to Bra Voice who suspected that his wife of 21+ years had been cheating on him. However, because he didn't have proof, Bra Voice called on the assistance of Jub Jub & the #Uyajola99 crew to help investigate whether his wife is indeed cheating.

His wife travels a lot selling atchar across the hood, however, as of late, she's been spending a lot of time at a certain house in the hood and the husband wanted to know why she was always at that specific house every day.

In a shocking reveal, the #Uyajola99 crew found out that the husband's wife was cheating on him with a neighbour from up the road.

Shocked by the discovery,  the man went running to the man's house to find out if indeed this was true and lo and behold, hubby not only found the man but also his wife at that house.

Unable to control his anger, the husband was thirsty for blood and wanted to rip apart both cheaters, especially after his wife revealed that their firstborn child was not his.

Their first-born son was the cheater's child.

And when the son appeared on camera, everyone immediately knew that the atchar lady had been cheating for years.

The striking resemblance between the cheater and the son was so obvious.

Social media was in shambles as people who were watching the show could not believe what they just watched, while others have expressed that they will never look at atchar the same way ever again, thanks to the atchar lady.

Check out the atchar comments below:

Gosh, now selling atchar in Mzansi has a stigma behind it.

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