Vusi Nova Is Rebranding

He has dumped his previous stage name

By  | Nov 18, 2021, 01:31 PM 

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Award winning Afro-pop sensation Vusi Nova, never ceases to amaze his followers. The musician recently debuted a new look and little did his fans know that he would be rebranding.

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According to Phil Mphela, the musician has changed his stage name and he now goes by S'Nova. Vusi changed his name as he has now ventured into a completely new genre Amapiano.

This is not the first time Vusi changes his stage name. Before he was known as Vusi Nongxa. The musician is expected to be release his new music under the moniker, S’Nova this weekend.

Taking to social media Vusi revealed that he is gearing up to release his first Amapiano single titled Shuku Shuku.

His fans have reacted to the news with mixed reactions. @Collen_KM "Vusi Nova changing his stage name to SNova reminds me of when Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion it never works hey we celebs need to understand that changing names never work I tried it also but it didn't work."

@BekithembaZ tweeted, "I wish he did not, Vusi Nova is a musician, a brand and a household name. I don't think Snova is necessary, a strong part of me thinks his association with Somizi might have influenced the decision.'

@Thato7Mk "Bathong! Vusi Nosa is a well known and successful brand, why is he messing with that? I mean he can still venture into other music genres with the same name, unless he just wants to alienate his fanbase to please the new ones he wants to venture into."

Vusi is one of the country's most sought after musician and he has worked hard to build his brand. Recently he has slammed an episode of Bongani Fassie’s show, where he claimed that Muthaland Entertainment owner Lance Stehr supplied his artist with drugs so that they can think straight.

Vusi came out with guns blazing to set the record. He said he has known Lance for a very long time and he has never seen him doing drugs or giving them to anyone.

In the video, Vusi says: “Really? He gives drugs to his artists so that they aren’t able to think for themselves? So I have Known Lance for eight years, I have never seen Lance doing drugs, I have never seen Lance giving any artist drugs, he certainly never given me drugs. The only drug he has given me is Grandpa.

“For me, such allegations are very damaging, not only to Lance as an individual but to Muthaland as a company and us iartists zakhona (its artists) because apparently we are being given drugs like we so stupid that we just allow this man to feed us drugs so that we aren’t able to think for ourselves.”

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