Somizi And Vusi Are Meant To Be

They are such goals

By  | Nov 14, 2021, 11:58 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Relationships

Image of Somizi and Vusi Nova
Mzansi’s favourite choreographer, Somizi Mhlongo, is once again having his love life scrutinized. Listen, his fans just want him to be happy. They butt into his business because they mean well… for the most part, that is. He deserves to be happy, doesn’t he?

Anyway, now fans are back with the Somizi-Vusi train. It’s not like this has not come up before, or that it hasn’t been addressed before, because it has. But the fans just really ship it, and this is why. Somizi and Vusi Nova have been good friends for a long time, and have been part of a bestie trio with Kelly Khumalo. The three of them are always spending time together, and obviously get along great. 
But a few weeks back, rumours started flying around of Somizi and Vusi being a couple - again. Vusi addressed the allegations, saying that he and Somizi have been friends for 16 years, but there’s nothing more than that. In fact, he was very offended that people would suggest that he was the reason Somizi and his estranged husband, Mohale Motaung, were having issues in their marriage. 
Vusi has also recently been suspected to be dating comedian Lasizwe Dambuza after photos emerged online of the two of them looking cute and cozy together. Lasizwe said the two of them were just Bible study friends, but it still remains unclear whether they were joking or being serious. Either way, fans were convinced that Lasizwe was completely smitten in those photos, and warned him that it would end in tears. 
Anyway, the two have posted a photo of them looking great together once again, and the rumour mill is back up. While at this point, it is becoming clear to everyone that they are, truly, just friends as they say, it has not stopped fans from shipping them anyway. We understand why, though, because just look at this picture. Doesn’t it scream “couple goals”?
Vusi Nova seems like he is tired of people talking about his sexuality and speculating on it. Earlier this year, the Ndikuthandile crooner unveiled his girlfriend, known only to us through her social media handle @asnobwithablog.

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Somizi, on the other hand, is more welcoming to the spotlight on his sexuality and his personal life. In the biggest plot twist of the decade, he recently declared that he is not gay. Rather, he is pansexual, and feels attraction to different people at different times. For this reason, he would absolutely be open to dating a woman. This, obviously threw fans for quite the loop. 
Fans have been wishing Somizi and Vusi the best as a couple and very loudly shipping them together. And while we understand why it might get exhausting to keep clarifying the same thing about their relationship all the time, we don’t think any of this is coming from a bad place. Maybe their fans see something they don’t and just want to see them happy, you know? But yes, it is a little rude to make Vusi keep having to explain his sexuality. Maybe people should just leave them be. 

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