[WATCH] Cassper Nyovest Opens Up About Self-Doubt

"My life changed when I changed the question 'why me' to 'why not me?'"

By  | May 11, 2022, 01:13 PM 

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Imposter syndrome is real and may be a thief of a lot of people’s potential success, especially within the media industry. Many celebrities both locally and internationally have opened up and are starting to encourage more mental wellness conversations in mainstream media. Rapper Refiloe Phoolo popularly known by Cassper Nyovest recently opened up about his experience with self-doubt and how he made the brave choice and turned that doubt into self-confidence. The rapper is currently one of the most successful musicians in the country, he runs a few businesses and has been recently dubbed a “marketing genius” and getting to all those titles has taken some necessary inner work.

It is in every rapper's true nature to flaunt their wealth and achievements, as a matter of fact, rappers are expected to even use their art to express their upcoming stories to their successes, it’s simply the culture of rap. It is artists like Cassper Nyovest that continue to switch up and change this status quo, proving that you can be both bold and vulnerable as a rapper and touch people’s lives in different approaches beyond your caricature and sometimes alter ego.

Mr Fill Up recently shared an expressive video on social media on his experience dealing with self-doubt that almost made him believe that he didn’t deserve his blessings and to be where he is now. In the video, Cassper said, “I felt obliged to shoot this video and share a little bit of my story and maybe touch someone… help them,” the rapper started off. He continued, “Coming up, I used to struggle with a lot of things, and one of the things used to be self-doubt. I used to be so hard on myself. I used to ask myself ‘why me?’... What makes me so special because everybody is struggling, I’m not the only one struggling so ‘why me?’ Why do I feel like I deserve the blessings?”

He added that things started to change in his life when he changed the question from “why me?” to “why not me?” Cassper mentions that he manifested everything that he has now through consistent belief in himself and doing away with doubt. “I’ve already struggled, so why can’t I be blessed? I’ve already cried, so why can’t I smile? I’ve already felt pain, so why can’t I feel joy? I’ve already walked to the studio and back for hours, so why can’t I own a luxury car?” He asked himself.

He said that he started demanding his blessings because he felt himself in a position where he deserved those blessings. The rapper additionally mentioned that he’d worked so hard to be where he is but at times he failed to achieve a lot prior due to the self-doubt. His life changed when he stopped comparing himself to others and noticed his uniqueness from the rest. He said that he started feeling special and stopped feeling sorry for himself, with that attitude he added consistent hard work and life turned around for him.

He further urged his fans and followers to change their mindsets from a victim and doubt mentality. “Why not you?” the rapper asked.

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