Penny Lebyane shows off some skin

Penny Lebyane shows off some skin

Oct 10, 2018, 05:27 AM

Penny Lebyane sexy

First Anele, now Penny? Listen, whatever juice these ladies are drinking to boost their confidence, we're here for it because this vezi'thanga trend that some of our media personalities are riding on is all the entertainment we need.

Over the weekend, Penny had many tongues wagging when she shared new thigh-bearing pictures from her latest photoshoot and we couldn't help but do a double-take after coming across these pictures of her in a sparkling black leotard.


We also love the caption she wrote: "I just met her recently too"  which is quite fitting as we've also never seen this side of Penny before.

Penny Lebyane

We have a good feeling that this photoshoot is all about self-love and Penny embracing her new and improved self. Good for you Penny!

#WorkingIt 🦋🎱🖤

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