iGazi: The love/hate relationship between Nomarussia and the viewers

Nomarussia, the villian you love to hate.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM 


She may be dark and filled with evil, but for some reason viewers just love themselves some Nomarussia.

As much as we hate to admit this, we’ve realised that Mzansi Magic viewers have this love/hate relationship with iGazi villain – Nomarussia.

From the get-go, Nomarussia has never sold herself as a saint and we’ve appreciated her brutal honesty with regards to that, but haai no, Nomarussia’s evil ways has reached an all-time high to such an extent that we actually believe that her character truly does have evil powers.

It all began last week when she called on evil spirits to strike Bantu.

Just when you thought Mamlambo, and Isibaya’s Sunday had super evil powers, Nomarussia comes in and shows us who’s boss.

By the way, how hilarious is the comparison between Nomarussia and this doll?

Spot on....


Anyway, you’d think that such a character would actually be hated by many viewers, but it seems like a considerable number of Mzansi Magic viewers have taken a liking to Nomarussia and her evil powers.

No seriously...seems like people would pay big bucks for some Nomarussia potion to solve all their problems.

Have you also noticed how many people have their Twitter handles named after the evil villian?

If this isn't showing love to Nomarussia then we don't know what is.Nomarussia fans

Shame even poor Trey Songz is not safe from the evil claws of Nomarussia and he's all the way in the States.

Even though there are some of us who do detest Nomarussia's evil ways, it seems like the love towards her supersedes the hatred. But then again when you're dealing with an actress like Vatiswa Ndara, you're bound to love villians and despise the heros of a storyline.

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