A Reece Drops New Body Of Work And It's HOT!

Everyone Is Loving his latest EP

By  | Apr 21, 2022, 09:27 PM  | A Reece  

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Rapper A Reece announced the release of his latest tape, an EP called The Burning Tree (TBT) on social media this evening and told his fans that it’s available on Apple Music. This is the Hip Hop star’s 10th studio project in his newly found successful music career and follows after his last work Heaven Can Wait: The Last Door Volume 1 last year.
The Meanwhile In Honeydew song maker has already started receiving praises from fans and followers about his EP on Social Media with a lot describing his latest project as “his best work yet” while urging fellow users to go stream it. He has also garnered over 11K YouTube views under an hour after dropping the full visuals for his EP. The views on the video now sit at 121K.
This extended play was released in conjunction with 4/20 and features a controversial but Hip Hop originated cover art of the Zimbali hitmaker sitting in front of grams of Marijuana lighting a joint. A Reece has been one of the few local celebrities and rappers who publicly advocate for weed consumption and continues to rap about its healing health effects and contribution to his creativity.

The TBT project is made up of 9 complete tracks and features 5 other local artists including rap veteran Maggs who hasn’t been releasing music in a long time. It is produced by a number of sound masters such as IceMan Beatz, Michael Tuohy, Sorry Zeke, and Logical Rhymez; Engineered by TKAY with the cover art designed by Poison Cure & Revenge Club Records.

Here’s an official tracklist from the EP:

  1. First Time For Everything (featuring Boy Wonder)
  2. For My Sanity
  3. Red Dragon (featuring 25K and Jay Jody
  4. Bellator (featuring IMP THA DON)
  5. Can’t Open My Eyez
  6. Live Once Interlude (featuring Loatinover Pounds)
  7. More Than Enough (featuring Maggz)
  8. Intentions Interlude
  9. FRIEDay the 13th

He took to Instagram to let his fans know where to stream his new music. He teased, saying that he won’t mention his sizzling list of features, and continued to urge his listeners to listen to the EP from the top till the end without skipping or shuffling in order to enjoy it and the message behind it thoroughly.
Hip Hop heads and loyal fans of the rapper have shared their feelings about the EP with  majority claiming it has hits after hits, and commending the artist's creativity and flow while many others demand that A Reece drops it on Spotify as well.
One fan shared that the rapper is not everyone’s piece of pie, he wrote “A Reece ain't for everyone. They don’t understand that A Reece’s music is a full therapy session.” 
Another fan shared their pride in an Instagram comment, “Salute king. I really admire and recognize your work ethic, man. You are a special one…” the fan continued, “Thank you for your music and your artistic perspective as a conscious POET. There are no words in the world that can describe the amount of value you create in your music and personal development means to me, it affects me in my journey based on a lifelong process of continuous improvement and accomplishments, partly because of you... You are deadly. The world ain't ready.”
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