A-Reece Launches A Campaign To 'Legalize It'

If you know what he means...

By  | Feb 08, 2022, 02:37 PM  | A-Reece  | Drama

Rapper A-Reece likes to live life by his own set of rules. And now he wants more of the world to operate by his rules. To be more specific, he now wants the government to legalise marijuana in Mzansi. 
The rapper recently took to Twitter to campaign for the drug to be legalised for recreational use in South Africa. 
But a quick search shows that the drug is technically not illegal in the country, as some of his fans and followers pointed out in the comments. According to The South African, marijuana has been decriminalised in the country for at least three years now. But it seems that many are still confused on what the rules are regarding this recreational drug, and for good reason as it is a little complicated. 

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Adults are allowed to smoke the substance in their private homes, but not in public spaces. The sale of the drug is also still prohibited. You may be wondering where one is supposed to get it if it’s still illegal to buy and sell it. Well, adults are also allowed to grow it in their homes, as long as it’s for their personal use in private. 

Adults are also allowed to exchange the substance (without exchanging money – that would be selling) in their private spaces. Most importantly, they are not allowed to either exchange, grow or smoke in the presence of children, also for good reason. 
But it looks like A-Reece already knew about the part where the law allows private use. So what exactly does he mean for it to be legalised? Might he be campaigning for it to be as normalised as, say cigarettes or alcohol? It seems like that’s his goal. 
Tweeps were obviously very excited by the tweet. They were split down the middle on whether his suggestion has merit or not. Some felt like he was out of line to ask for something so controversial, and one even told him to rest as he does not have as much influence as he thinks he does, in order to ask for something like that and actually effect change. 

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Others think that his suggestion makes sense because there is already rampant use of the drug anyway, and keeping it illegal is just burying our heads in the sand. However, they have also dissected the issue from a business standpoint, and think it would be a terrible idea to legalise it, as it would be hijacked by big companies, driving the small scale dealers out of business.

On the other hand, some believe that the suggestion is just plain wrong, and have gone ahead to caution fans against the dangers of drug use and its effect on the youth of Africa. 

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While this is certainly an interesting hill for A-Reece to have chosen to die on, we can understand his perspective. I mean, many of our celebrities already use the drug, why is everyone pretending?

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Campaigning for it to be legalised is a whole other thing, though. What do you think?

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