A Smartphone App that’s helping SA OUT!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

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Today OUTsurance is proud to announce the launch of its savvy new smartphone application. The app, brightly coloured in green and purple, offers functionality for both people who are OUTsurance clients as well as those who are not. 
The app provides free access to [email protected], OUTsurance’s 24/7 emergency assistance service, for all sorts of road and home emergencies. The app will allow all existing OUTsurance clients to access this service as they normally would over the phone and also gives people who are not clients a once-off opportunity to put OUTsurance’s service to the test free of charge. The app will provide the location of the person requesting emergency assistance to OUTsurance, which will improve response times.
Another feature of the app is the “suggest-a-pointsman” functionality, which helps people in the Cities of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Cape Town request that an OUTsurance traffic pointsman be deployed to help out at a busy intersection, for instances when the traffic lights are out of order. The app again uses geolocation and motorists simply have to tap on their location to register the suggestion. 
For existing OUTsurance clients the app also provides quick and easy self-service options relating to their insurance cover, allowing users to update their contact details, view policy information, find their nearest inspection centre and conveniently find out when their next cash OUTbonus is due to them.
OUTsurance CEO, Ernst Gouws, commented: “We’re excited to launch an app that can make a difference to motorists and people on a daily basis. OUTsurance’s promise has always been that with us ‘you always get something OUT’ – and we’re now taking that one step further by giving people who are not yet our clients an opportunity to benefit from our awesome service. They can put us to the test – so to speak – without it costing them a cent. One free [email protected] call out in a time of need, is something we think people will really like about this app.”
The app is currently available on Android and iOS devices and downloadable for free at Google Play and in the Apple iStore. People can also visit www.outsurance.co.za/app for more. We encourage all owners of these devices to download the app and take full advantage of this value added service.
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