Andile Gaelesiwe: 2017 must be the most horrible year in South Africa

Andile wants to make a huge difference in the country.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Andile Gaelesiwe 


Andile Gaelesiwe is no ordinary media personality but an activist too, Andile who was a rape victim in the hands of her father at the age of eleven has took it upon herself to take a stand against violence against women in South Africa through her foundation Open disclosure.

The media personality recently opened up about the last time she had seen her father and spoke about patriarchy having made its rounds on social media and headlining on South African publications. Khumbul’ekhaya presenter Andile Gaelesiwe says that she can not sit back and watch without adhering to the situation while she is still alive and living in the country.

“...not in my name will another woman, a child...get raped or get beat up while I live in this country, work in this country and I’m here as if [I don't see anything]” Andile said.

Andile went on to say that 2017 is the most horrible year in South Africa, reflecting on the traumatic reports of violence against women in South Africa.

Andile Gaelesiwe stands against #MduduziManana / @ewnreporter

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Having been a victim of rape Andile says that although she hasn’t walked her talk by seeking justice, she still advocates rape victims or anyone who has been a victim of patriarchy to still seek justice as that is for her the “number one thing”.

“He was my father, he was a musician, I looked up to him, loved him for the longest time, so the least he could do is set me free from this, because the fact that I’ve spoken about it in 2002 and started the open disclosure foundation does not mean that, that is enough and when I talk about guilt, it’s guilt because since 2002 I’ve been telling women that “if you’ve been raped, go seek help, that’s my number one thing. But first, get justice but I haven't done that, I haven’t walked my talk and that hurts,” she said.

If you have been a victim of sexual violence or assault or know of anyone who has been a victim, you can contact these toll-free hotlines, it’s never too late to seek help.

Rape: 021 447 9762

Assault: 086 132 2322

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AndileGaelisiwe