ZAlebs on Cliff Central 30/05

ZAlebs caught up with Arye Kellman to recap all the entertainment news from the past week.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Arye Kellman 

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Let's get to it on the latest podcast with Arye Kellman on Cliff Central.

This past weekend we were met with a lot of emotionally exhausting entertainment news from unexpected break-ups to famous people airing their dirty laundry on Twitter for all of us to witness.

Arye Kellman and the ZAlebs team dissect all the gossip and entertainment news that probably had you picking up your jaw from the floor as a celebrity baby mama and baby daddy get out their claws in the nastiest of spats we've seen since the Wendy Parker and Nonhle Ndala saga.

Listen to the ZAlebs report on the Kellman show right here:

ZAlebs is on Cliff Central every Monday at 16h00 with Arye Kellman.

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