"I'm Alive, I Am Strong"

She says Nota never laid a hand on her

By  | Jul 05, 2022, 11:50 AM  | Berita  | Relationships

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Berita has set the record straight on her ongoing marital woes which have gone public. The Afro-soul singer revealed to the public that she and Nhlamulo 'Nota' Baloyi AKA The Authority, are no longer married. This was after his distasteful remarks about vlogger Mihlali Ndamase.

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In a lengthy Twitter thread, Berita said she wished Nota would get some help as of late, he has been incontrollable. She later joined a Twitter space hosted by Musa Khawula where she said she decided to leave him in January this year due to personal issues they faced.

She said the last straw was at their marital home, but when he made those remarks about Mihlali, that was her final public straw.

“The final straw was in our home. [it] happened a long time ago, but the final straw publicly happened when I saw this video,” she said speaking about Mihlali.

“I'm alive, I am strong. This is not the end of me and I'm going to go on to do greater and greater things and I am just praying and hoping that man received the help," she added.

She said Nota never assaulted her in any way, “I want to clarify that man has never put his hand on my body or anything like that.”

Nota on the other hand is adamant that he and Berita are still together despite her claims that they had broken up.

“For the record I love my wife ... We’ll pray through this. All couples have challenges, but communication key. I have not been able to communicate with her. Until I do I will continue to pray for her peace & wellbeing. As for my mental health, I will never let anyone trivialise it!” he said on Twitter.

Berita touched on his mental health issues and said he wishes he seeks help, but Nota said he will not allow people to trivialise it. "Men mental health is always weaponised against us that’s why we find it hard to talk. I  speak openly about how I have actively taken care of my mental health since I was 4-years old. On the 20th of January I had suicidal ideation. My family were terrified. I was all alone," said Nota.

"I’d like to categorically state that I have never been diagnosed with any mental illness nor would I diagnose anyone with a mental health issue because it’s not something to be trivialised. I have seen the social media post about me by my wife’s former publicist & I’m horrified!"

Nota then thanked the people who were supporting him throughout this whole ordeal.
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