Big brother Mzansi: Jase apologises AGAIN!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

Last night Big Brother Mzansi fans were glued to their television screens as pretty-boy of the house Jase made it clear that he would like to have a chat with his now ex-girlfriend Kat.  The two former lovers have been giving each other the cold shoulder lately since last Saturday’s altercation that caught former housemate Kgosi in the crossfire before he was booted out of the house.

After waiting for hours for Jase to pucker up the courage to talk to Kat, he eventually did in the late hours of the evening thursday night.   As the former cute couple settled in the bedroom, just the two of them, we secretly hoped Jase would be brave to steal a kiss and firmly tell Kat that:

“Hey! You’re mine and I want you back woman! I don’t want to be just friends with you”

Disappointingly Jase didn’t do such as he again fumbled over his words like a schoolboy asking an older girl out on a date.  For some reason whilst Kat was roasting him about his faults (as though she has none) the poor guy kept hyperventilating, at some point we thought he was going to faint. Gosh! Jase you really have it bad don’t you.  Kat has you twiddled around her thumb. 

During their conversation Jase apologized continuously as Kat told him his lack of trust towards her, hurt her deeply. We loved how she decided to not apologize nor mention her cuddling with Sol in bed and letting him place his hands all over her.   Many might call Kat a deceiving woman but we must admit she knows how to play the game, however, during their conversation one could tell that underneath all that cunningness and game strategies Kat still has a soft spot for Jase.  Both of them together with Lola and Thando have been nominated for eviction on Sunday, as the ZAlebs team we’d still love to see them being kept in the house just to see if this relationship will actually survive or could last conversation be the last of what we’ll see of TeamKatJase?  We think Big Brother gave us our answer during last nights banquet as Big Brother placed every housemate in an awkward position to exchange incriminating evidence of themselves in the house in exchange for a video message from home!  Everyone exchanged their dirty laundry for a sweet message from home, Big Brother Mzansi fans were so nervous for two particular housemates especially, Kat and Thando one a gossip monger and the other a lady with many skeletons in her closet.

As everyone exchanged their dossiers for a message from home, Big Brother exposed the fact that Kat actually did kiss Sol as Jase watched the incriminating evidence in shock.  Shame Jase you apologized for nothing boo.  Then there was gossip girl Thando who was exposed for conspiring against other housemates.  She was so emberrased about Big Brother exposing her that at some point she didn't want to go back to the banquet, terrified of what the rest of the housemates would say to her.

After secrets were revealed last night its clear that the game is now REALLY own on. No one trusts each other and amongst Jase, Thando, Kat and Lola someone is definetly going home.  We stand corrected but tomorrow night might be Thando's last night in the house but then again when it comes to this game you never know.

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