Bishop Makamu’s Reality Show Airs

This guy is rich rich!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bishop Makamu 

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Twitter was ablaze last night during the airing of new reality show #IAmBishopIMakamu.

The show, which aired for the first time on Moja Love TV, Channel 157, follows the life of founding and senior pastor of Endless Hope Bible Church, Bishop Israel Makamu.

The Bishop is already a familiar face on the channel as he is one of the hosts of the hit reality talk show Rea Tsotella. But the fans of Rea Tsotella are now seeing another side to Bishop Makamu, and some are not loving it.

For starters, on the show, The Bishop refers to the congregation as ‘Traffic’.

It also does not help that in this day and age the word ‘rich’ (when used to describe a Pastor, Bishop or leader of a church) carries a negative connotation.

While many viewers judged and questioned every detail of the show, including a ‘man of God’ needing security guards for protection when he preaches about protection through the blood of Jesus, and the fact that church has a speed point! Others used the opportunity to caution against false prophets by sharing Bible verses.

And as the Isizulu idiom goes ‘Abantu abayi nganxanye bengamanzi’ which means ‘people’s opinions differ’ Twitter user @TheVendaGuy had a different perspective on how some pastors make their money.

The general consensus does not seem to condone the lifestyle being portrayed on the show, but there are 12 more episodes to go and you can be your own judge. I Am Bishop I Makamu airs every Tuesday at 22:00 on Moja Love, channel 157.

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