Bolt and Maria Bid farewell to Big Brother

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

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Evictions from the Big Brother House are never easy to deal with, and last night Bolt and Maria were the latest housemates to get the axe. After what must have been an emotional night, ZAlebs editor Tinashe Venge caught up with the pair this morning for a few words on their time in the Big Brother House, as well as to find out what the future had in store for them. 

Did you expect to be waking up outside the Big Brother House this morning? How does it feel?

Bolt: I saw it coming in all honesty; it wasn't a huge shock to me. I don't have too many emotions at present, and definitely no hard feelings. It happened.
Maria I was quite surprised, I must say. I haven't actually slept since last night! I'm still adjusting and getting my head around it right now

How did you find the Big Brother Experience overall? Would you change anything from your experience? 

Bolt: I loved it. Its a real life time experience. All the countries not only in Africa, but other parts of the world are looking at you and it was great. The only thing I would change is my temper, there were times I was quick to get angry and I would maybe change that. 
Maria: I wouldn't change anything about this experience, because that would mean I'd have to try and be someone I'm not. I was myself at all times in the Big Brother House.


Was it difficult to adjust to the fact that the camera was on you at all times?
Bolt: I forgot about the camera and the microphones very quickly and became myself around the house. Every now and then you remember, “I’m on Big Brother!”
Maria: I was actually a little bit paranoid at first, knowing so many people were watching me, I was extra careful about not wanting to offend anybody or say anything damaging. But over time I learned to live with it and hardly thought about it.

What’s next for you two?
Bolt: I want to work on my music. I’ve got plans to produce a single and soon an album. I also wouldn’t mind opening a music school to teach children music.
Maria: I’m going back to my modeling and my radio show hopefully. I’m hoping that the exposure I’ve received from the show will help increase opportunities for both.

Lastly, if you could choose the Big Brother winner tomorrow, who would it be?
Both: Definitely Melvin from Nigeria. He deserves it.

Zalebs wishes both Maria and Bolt the best of luck in the future! 





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