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MaNgwabe and MaYeni leave the Mseleku household.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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It seems like things are falling apart at the Mseleku household in Kwa Zulu Natal. This family shot to fame after inviting South African lovers of television into their lives as a polygamous family in the form of a hit reality show titled, Uthando Nes'thembu on Mzansi Magic.

Things have allegedly taken a rather bitter turn after fresh reports of cracks in their seemingly well oiled polygamous marriage. Word on the streets is that, Yvonne MaYeni - Mseleku and Mbali MaNgwabe - Mseleku have allegedly left the Mseleku complex about two weeks ago after a heated argument between themselves, Musa and Thobile MaKhumalo - Mseleku. The wives are allegedly at loggerheads with Musa's third wife, MaKhumalo who did the unthinkable by bringing in an unknown woman from Mpendle in Kwa Zulu Natal, who is believed to be a surrogate because it is widely known that MaKhumalo has fertility hassles.

According to reputable newspaper, Isolezwe, the Surrogate had already signed the legal documents, which clearly state that, upon giving birth, she will therefore be required to hand over the baby to MaKhumalo in exchange for a handsome amount of money.

Upon calling MaKhumalo for confirmation, Isolezwe established that she had indeed brought in a woman to the house but she is there for purposes of domestic employment, not as a Surrogate as many had been led to believe. MaKhumalo was quoted as saying:

''The family knows about my fertility issues. I would never bring in a Surrogate, the woman in question is actually my new domestic worker.''

MaKhumalo couldn't divulge the details of any feud between herself and the other wives.

On the other side of the story, the head of the Mseleku household, Musa Mseleku has dismissed the rumours surrounding the departure of two of his wives, MaYeni and MaNgwabe, he said the following:

''All of my wives are here. MaYeni went to her uncles because our son was coming down with flu. This is news to me.''

Speaking to Isolezwe, MaYeni confirmed that indeed she had left with her son who was coming down with flu. She continued to deny any feuding within the family.

The article also stated that, MaNgwabe was scarce on the home front because of her hectic schedule as a nurse.

However speculations regarding serious infighting are rife as another source came forward and told the publication that indeed there are cracks in that polygamous marriage because it is alleged that MaKhumalo had planned to ensure that the Surrogate got intimate with their husband, Musa and not go about it the medical and legal route. This bold move from MaKhumalo created total mayhem in the family.

Well, allegedly MaNgwabe and MaYeni have still not returned home, even though Musa is adamant that all is well in his marriage. 

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