Mzansi Says The Movie Contagion Predicted The Current Coronavirus Epidemic

The movie aired yesterday, and it commanded a lot of attention.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Brad Pitt 

The movie Contagion which aired last night on SABC 3, gave Mzansi a front-row seat into how a deadly lethal airborne virus, was transmitted and wiped out hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

The movie was produced in 2011, and it showed how a group of scientists left no stone unturned, to find a cure for a deadly virus which many said was the same as coronavirus.

The virus had everyone on meltdown and it brought everything to a complete standstill after many people were exposed to it. Some had to be quarantined and those who were not exposed to it had to practice social distancing. 

The movie played in a critical time where the epidemic of Covid-19 is currently gripping hundreds of people worldwide.

South Africans were left convinced that the movie predicted the current pandemic Coronavirus, because all the events of the movie about the virus, are the same as Coronavirus. 

The symptoms were the same, sanitizers ran out of stock, people had to practice social distancing and thousands of fatalities were reported.

The movie created awareness of how strong Coronavirus is and, the importance of the current lockdown which is aimed at curbing the virus. 

At the end of the movie we learned that the virus came from a bird which was killed and a woman ate it at a restaurant, the woman travelled around the world and spread the virus without knowing.

Twitter was ablaze yesterday and, it seems like many people were glued to their TV screens to watch it. Some went on to say that, they will not allow being vaccinated with fears from the movie.

Main image credit: Twitter