#AKAWinanga: Tweeps Mocks Burna Boy's Grammy Snub

The popular #AKAwinanga tag makes it's rounds again

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Burna Boy 

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SA Twitter users revived #Akawinanga to make fun of Burna Boy who didn't win at last night's Grammy Awards

The #AKAwinanga hashtag actually started a few years ago when AKA lost out on every award category he was nominated in at the 22nd South African Music Awards (SAMAs) in 2016.

Every year since, whenever the rapper gets nominated for an award and walks away empty-handed, the hashtag (which translates to 'He did not win') resurfaces and trolls have a field day with him.

This time around the hashtag resurfaced in the wake of the Grammy awards took place on Sunday night. Burna Boy, who is AKA's "nemesis", was nominated in the  Best World Music Album category and the African Giant eventually lost out on the award to Beninese singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo. The musician dedicated the award to Burna during her acceptance speech.

"This is for Burna Boy. He is among those young artists who came from Africa who are changing the way our continent is perceived, and the way African music has been the bedrock for every type of music," she said, praising the Nigerian superstar.

South African black Twitter took a different route in its commentary. Tweeps had a field day while reflecting on Burna Boy's Grammy loss, taking it as an opportunity to remind the muso of how 'disrespectful' he was towards Mzansi and especially AKA. All people have wanted is an apology from Burna  for the longest time, but it doesn't look like it's coming any time soon.

Supa Mega could have used this to further shame Burna Boy but the father of one took the high road. He especially respected his fellow musician when he said, "In any case, Burna is still a champion. We still consider him a winner."

Social media users agree with Bhova who said that a nomination is still a win as the recognition is massive. That did not stop some members of Black Twitter from celebrating Burna Boy's loss though.

Will this Twar ever end?

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