Ayanda Thabethe Caught in A Crossfire

Phil Mphela isn't buying what the magazine is selling

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While Mzansi's socialite and TV personality Ayanda Thabethe is in celebratory mood for gracing the comeback cover of BONA magazine. Entertainment commentary Phil Mphela is not buying what the magazine is selling.

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The new mom Ayanda Thabethe has had her fair share of drama and publicity recently following the mystery and speculations of her baby daddy. However, the TV personality is all about securing her bag and living her best life the best way she knows how.

Phil Mphela did not mince his words while inserting his opinions and suggestions of which Mzansi's personalities who would have a banger cover for this magazine's comeback cover.

"Bona is back and I’m underwhelmed Love Ayanda and congrats to her. That said, I think new editor missed an opportunity to make a statement. “We are not regurgitating the usual but embracing the new” A bold move would’ve been to pick someone who has never had a cover" wrote Phil Mphela
Phil Mphela is not the one to ever be shy or bite his tongue when voicing his opinions. As he has boldly threw in some suggestions of who could have made a successful cover for the magazine's comeback cover. Taking to social media, entertainment commentary Phil Mphela has suggested some of the new faces in the entertainment industry.

"Given the success and furore
#TheWifeShowmax had this year. I would have put Mbali Mavimbela or Kwenzo Ngcobo or Bonko Khoza. They were this year’s breakout tv stars. They deserve the spotlight" wrote Phil Mphela
As if Phil Mphela's word is the gospel, some tweeps have jumped on his bandwagon and agreed with his opinions and suggestions, surrounding who could have made a perfect comeback cover for BONA magazine. Taking to social media, tweeps have shared their thoughts and views while in fully agreement and support over Phil Mphela's bold statement.

"I fully agree. The cover doesn’t say we are back! It screams basic not Bigger and bolder. I wouldn’t buy it if I see it in stores.Their first cover they should have gone Bold and Bigger. Imagine Noxolo Dlamini and Thabo Rametsi on the first issue now that screams Bold and bigger" wrote Tattooed Mom
Twitter is abuzz while tweeps are cutting down both Ayanda Thabethe and BONA into size over the comeback cover of the magazine.

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