Candice Modiselle Defends Cardi B

Preach, Sis!

By  | Jun 18, 2020, 03:31 PM  | Candice Modiselle 

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Candice Modiselle has weighed in on the viral image of Cardi B which is currently circulating the internet. The image shows the famous American rapper visiting a local grocery store, dressed in a crop top and shorts, which has sparked a slur of insults from the public.

Noticing the hate that has come from the pictures, Candice took to twitter to speak her mind. She claimed that people often deem a full-figure black woman as untidy if she shows off her body, because that is what society had taught us. She made a comparison between Cardi and Gigi Hadid or Kendell Jenner, claiming that black men would never dare to question their choice of clothing. 

She stated, “But if a Hadid or Jenner was captured dressed like this, you wouldn’t fix your lips and bump your gums about it. It’s always fully figured black women that are labelled as tacky, ratchet, “too sexy”, indecent or inappropriate. And shamed by who? Black men.” Candice’s tweet has caused for a number of retweets from celebrity friends, who share in her opinion.

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