Celebs Love Snapchat's Gender Change Filter

Imagine if these celebs changed genders!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

Snapchat's new filter is causing plenty of hysteria on social media and South African celebrities are leading the way.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you transitioned to another gender? Well thanks to Snapchat's new filter, a lot of other celebrities who have been wondering have gotten the opportunity to find out: and the results are hilarious!

The first celebrity we caught wind playing around with the newest Snapchat feature was Pearl Modiadie who showed us what she would look like if she was a boy (cue Beyonce song...)

It wasn't just her who tried it either, Nkanyezi Kubheka also took it for a spin and showed us what he'd look like as a woman. The radio DJ even went as far as calling himself Mbali!

Several other celebrities have been talking about the controversial new feature, even though a few of them appeared to be too shy to post their versions of the image. Maps and Mantsoe led the conversation.

Although Snapchat's new filter is a lot of fun, it's also worth pointing out that transitioning genders is no joke. Many people have struggled to integrate into society after changing genders and for most of us, the fun begins and ends on Snapchat, for others, it's an everyday struggle.

With this in mind, hopefully, Snapchat's newest social media gimmick will give us the opportunity to have this discussion in greater detail.

What do you think, is Snapchat's new filter entertaining or is it too sensitive to joke about?

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PearlModiadie