Chelsi Sends Kids Into A Young Frenzy

She is overwhelmed by the love

By  | Jul 22, 2021, 05:49 PM 

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Chelsi Shikongo, Miss Namibia 2021, has taken to her Instagram account to write a heartfelt letter to a Namibian child. Many people were touched by Shikongo's letter as it spreads positivity and she offers some pearls of wisdom on never giving up on your dreams.

Since Shikongo scooped the coveted crown, she has been booked and busy and we love to see it. As part of her duties as Miss Namibia 202, she has been visiting schools, participating in outreach projects, and serving as a role model to young people who admire her.

Her message was accompanied by a beautiful video of her at a school she recently visited. The beauty queen caused a young frenzy at the school as kids caught a glimpse of her. She spent a few moments with them and they were excited to be graced by her presence.

As she was preparing to leave they screamed for her. Overwhelmed by the love and support Shikongo penned a heartfelt letter telling them that anything is achievable in life and they should not give up on their dreams.

"Dear Namibian Child. YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID! I want you to know that you are resilient and you make us the Namibia we are today, I will always have your back because you matter. Do not give up on your hopes and goals as this is only temporary, we can do this together.

This is truly a difficult time for Namibian pupils. We will curb the COVID-19 virus if we work together and get teachers vaccinated and students who can get vaccinated in order to help the frontline workers as well as to help those who are in dire need." she said.

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