[PIC]: Peep Connie's Expensive Car!

The actress drives a mean machine.

By  | Dec 08, 2020, 07:32 PM  | Connie Ferguson 

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Connie Ferguson"s mean machine has indirectly made it's debut on social media and we're actually here for it!

When Shona Ferguson recorded a fun video of his wife Connie, arriving at work, little did he know that, their followers on Instagram would focus on something totally unrelated to the intent of the video - her snazzy black Bentley.

In the video, Connie can be seen taking out her two Louis Vuiton tote bags from the boot and thereafter proceeds to exchange friendly greetings with hubby dearest!

Nte4sinsidestroy: ''OMG that machine 🔥😍😱.''

AphidileTyeni: ''The car!!!😥.''

Ccnnie and Shona Ferguson are the brains behind their own television and film production company, Ferguson films.

Last year, Shona took to Instagram and shared a snap of their massive house and cars! Wow clearly the Fergusons are making tons of guap'

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