#DateMyFamily: Church girl seeks her Adam

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

This week’s bachelorette has strong Christian values and she made it clear that she was on the show to find a man who knows Jesus as his Lord and personal saviour.

We were inspired by Jourdaine’s faith in trying to find a deputy pastor on this TV show - it’s like trying to find a fat person who says they never wished to lose weight.

Jourdaine made sure she prayed with all the families she exchanged meals with. And the first family to be led into prayer was Manqoba’s family.

We loved how Manqoba’s relative made sure she asked Jourdaine about her views concerning sex before marriage so that Manqoba knows he won’t be eating the forbidden fruit until he puts a ring on it. Unfortunately, Manqoba wasn’t given the chance to test himself if he could wait that long, but with that impeccable sense of fashion, we are sure he will soon land himself a hot babe.

The second family to dine with potential “mamfundisi” was Lwanda’s family. It goes without saying that Lwanda is a narcissist and is completely unaware of everything else around him except his muscles and his pierced nipple. And it seems like not many people took a liking to him on Twitter either:

If vanity could be weighed, Lwanda’s would outweigh Khulubuse Zuma and L’vovo put together. We understand the lad takes care of himself and is well chiselled, but if his ego would contract a bit and he wore a proper t-shirt we would actually see the beauty he wants us to see without him having to go topless. The Johnny Bravo enthusiast said he was happy that Jourdaine didn’t choose him well we were more than excited that he wasn’t chosen.

Charles chose his friends to represent him and he couldn’t have made a better choice. One of the friends was such a smooth talker and had Jourdaine forgetting that alcohol is a forbidden drink.

We don’t know if this was her first time tasting alcohol, but whatever the case might be it didn’t look like she would have had a problem with having a second glass.

We loved Charles’ friends, but we don’t approve with the topless cooking - it just looked unhygienic. The friends presented their mate very well and it was as if they were trying to clinch a tender deal.

Unfortunately, the date wasn’t like the Garden of Eden as envisioned by Jourdaine. She had a problem with Charles’ physique and lack of style, while oblivious to her own wardrobe which also needs a major overhaul. We think they would have connected better as church members. 

Image Credit: Facebook