#DateMyFamily: The wingman from hell

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM 

On this week’s episode, we were introduced to the voluptuous and beautiful Tebatso Seshibe. The 22-year-old is all about cheese and wine, and we are sure that the man who buys her a ticket to the Franschhoek Bastille Festival will completely win her heart forever.

Every time Tebatso went to meet the different families, she hoped that whatever they were serving had cheese, and she downs it with wine. By the looks of things, a cheese sandwich would have worked better for her.

We stand corrected, but did Tebatso even mention the type of man she’s looking for? Nope, we don’t recall her saying anything about a man. Tebatso was all about France, wine, and cheese. People on social media were clearly annoyed by her French references. We get it, Tebatso, you went to France!

We all have that one person or friend we wouldn’t nominate to represent us in any form because we know they are prone to stupidity.

Unfortunately, our first host Mbongeni went for that kind of person. One of his representatives was a not-so-smart friend called Nduduzo. Instead of painting a good picture of Mbongeni like he should, Ndu started making advances at Tebatso. As if that wasn’t enough, he went on to ask retarded questions and then offered her a salad so that she can be slim.

Who in the world does that?

We wouldn’t be surprised if we learn that Ndu suffered a few punches after the show. Even though Mbongeni’s sense of fashion needed a few adjustments, he genuinely seemed like a decent guy, it’s just unfortunate he chose a blockhead to represent him.

Thabiso was the second guy to impress Tebatso. Unlike Mbongeni, Thabiso called out all his family members to represent him. The luncheon went well, no embarrassing moments, and the fact that the family was also Sepedi speaking made it easy.

But we didn’t really like Thabiso’s choice of fashion. He’s 21 and a good-looking guy, but we fail to understand why he would insist on looking like Georgie Zamdela. Those rings and chains are wrong, they make him look like a broke mafia.

The last man hoping to land a date with the bachelorette was the lanky Shaine.

Shaine’s family really wanted him to go on this date to a point they lied about his age and his smoking habits. It was very silly if you ask us, because if he had been chosen for a date, Tebatso was eventually going to find out about the discrepancies, or would Shaine have maintained the lies?

We think yes because he also didn’t want her to be told that he smokes. But why smoke if you are going to hide it?

We understand why Tebasto chose to go on a date with Thabiso. She seemed comfortable during the time spent with the family and she probably felt they had something in common since they are all from Limpopo.

But like the rest of us, Tebatso was turned off when Thabiso literally said “I would like you to be my girlfriend.”

That was way too forward of him, and it’s not much different from a guy who says 'I love you' within 30 minutes of meeting you. Had our dear Thabiso been strategic about it and just asked to see her again and promise that this time he won’t be Mr Goldfinger, Tebatso might have actually said 'yes'.

Credit image: Twitter