#DMF: Dineo's Brother Is Such A Vibe

We all have that family member that is just special

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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It's a known fact that every family has that one relative who is just all kinds of ghetto.

In this past Sunday's episode of Date My Family we came across a young lady by the name of Dineo who could've potentially been one of the ladies chosen to go on a date with Mothusi, the bachelor.

However, Dineo, unfortunately, did not score a date with Mothusi because of various reasons out of her control.

Reasons that also include her brother - Pheello.

The first time Mothusi laid his eyes on Pheello he shared how nervous Pheello made him feel because of the gold tooth and tattoos.

Even some of the viewers expressed how nervous Pheello made them feel from the other side of the screen.

Other viewers believed that Pheello was once locked up before.

Oh, come on guys, just because he has a gang of tattoos and a gold tooth now he's a criminal? That's not fair.

Viewers painted a fearful image of this guy.

But apart from his appearance, the best part about Pheello were his actions, like when he opened the champagne bottle with a spoon.

Or how about when he asked Mothusi to hand over his exes numbers.

Apart from how he looked we really enjoyed watching Pheello be himself on this show, even though the show wasn't about him.

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