Don't Mess Up Your Chances, Win With Soviet & ZAlebs!

Don't let FOMO win. Download and ENTER NOW!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

By now you should know about the Soviet Denim App... if you don't, where have you been?

We've been giving some of our lucky readers gift vouchers to use on the fun and easy to navigate app when they download it and send us screenshots.

Catching a case of FOMO just by reading that? Don't worry, ZAlebs is still plugging you.

So we've also downloaded the app (how can we not?) and we've discovered some really cool sales!

It's summer in Mzansi and that means we're shopping for all the right items to serve those summer goals - only at the best prices - because even though drip is forever, it must also be affordable.

So get this, if you buy 2 pairs of flip flops on the Soviet app, you will get R100 off your purchase.

Don't believe us? Check this out!

We gave it a try.... have a look!

All you have to do is download the Soviet app from the Apple App or Google Play Store and sign up. It's easy! Once you've done that, on the home page you will see this cool discount and others. Click on it and get your life!

Remember, when you've downloaded the app, let us cav that screenshot. Do so by following and tagging @ZAlebs and @SovietDenim on Twitter, and share your screenshot(s) with us.

We're still giving away R1000 gift vouchers to use on the app, so ENTER NOW, fam!

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