A-Reece & BenchMarq explain when they planned on leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment

The Former Ambitiouz Entertainment artists speak out on national TV.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | A-Reece  | Drama

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A-Reece and BenchMarq explain further on why they left Ambitiouz Entertainment

After continues back and forth debates arguments between A-Rece, BenchMarq, Fifi Cooper and Ambitiouz Entertainment, the artists have gone on national television to give further details about why they left the record label.

A-Reece and BenchMarq went onto V-Entertainment to further state their claims regarding Ambitiouz Entertainment and how they never signed any contracts.

Siyabonga "Scoop" Ngwekazi asked BenchMarq when they decided to leave Ambitiouz to which the duo replied that the decision had been at the back of their minds for a while.

The group mentioned that the decision was pending after they had seen what the record label was doing to their brand and that in the long run they would then eventually decided to leave

"It's been a pending thing for us you know, because we see what's happening, through our brand and everything. So we decided a long time ago."

Scoop also asked the group if part of their decision to leave was because of the preferential treatment other artists were receiving from the label. To which the group admitted that, that is part of the reason they split with Ambitiouz.

"Listen, man we'll be straight up with you, yes it was that you know what I mean? We never really had a problem because if somebody has something that's viable at that time, then focus on that but we also have something too. Hear us out, this is our vision, this is how we want to do this. Give us a chance to express ourselves the way you want us to express ourselves out there, and sell us the way you're supposed to." Said P.J

A-Reece also explained that his decision to leave was also based on the domino effect and just looking at how his fellow label-mates were being treated.

"I started looking into me as an artist, correlating with the label and I started realising some of the things that I didn't want to or even wished. In my mind I'm all about the culture and the music, I'm all about going out there and inspiring the kids, I'm too young to be thinking about such." 

But after taking note of what was happening with BenchMarq, A-Reece had to also look at his positioning with the label and then started looking into his contract, in the interview with V-Entertaining, A-Reece mentioned that everything just came across as shady (suspicious) to him judging from his research and discernment.


BenchMarq then explained that they were set to sign a contract with Ambitiouz in 2015 but had then requested for amendments on the contract as there were certain things within the contract that did not make clear sense to them. After that, they never saw or even signed a contract with Ambitiouz Entertainment, A-Reece also explained that with him a contract was never presented only now in January was he presented with a contract.

BenchMarq basically explained that the only contract they had was one that was based on verbal agreements and handshakes.

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Meanwhile it's clear to see that the artists that left and the artists that stayed currently don't quite see eye to eye.

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