A- Reece And Riky Rick Get Emotional At The Cotton Fest

This is pure brotherhood.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | A-Reece  | Drama

When South African rapper, Riky Rick announced that he will be expanding his artistry and influence by venturing out into the events side of the entertainment industry, many of his followers were a tad sceptical, especially because it seemed like an ambitious project, sceptics included legendary industry heavyweights.

But the unthinkable happened when fellow rapper, A-Reece and Riky Rick appeared to have shared an emotional moment on stage, during A -Reece's performance at the Cotton Fest on Saturday.

The festival goers were pleasantly surprised by this display of brotherhood between the two rappers.

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Though one can't assume what could have led A-Reece to tear up like that, but upon close inspection it is clear that the rapper was totally engulfed with emotions.

''Reece'' as he is affectionately known in these streets was shown major love by the crowd, perhaps that kind of positive reception got the rapper feeling all sorts of emotions.

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Judging by the various posts about the festival on social media, it seemed like a massive success. But just like anything that succeeds, there's always a downside involved.

Anyone that has been carefully following the developments leading up to the Cotton Fest, knows just how much noise there was around fellow rapper, Cassper Nyovest's exclusion from the line up.

Cassper Nyovest also shared his thoughts on the matter.

In an interview with Slikour OnLife, Riky was quoted as saying:''I am at a point in  my life where I would really like real friendships. I would like for my friendships not to be mixed with what we are doing on the business side.''

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