AKA Hypes His Collab With Cruz

“Cruz Watermelon opened up the entire industry”

By  | Jun 21, 2022, 04:07 PM  | AKA  | Drama

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Rapper AKA spoke with confidence that his alcohol brand collaboration with Cruz Vodka, paved the way for more industry collaborations. The rapper took to Twitter to speak about the numerous deals that exist today, saying they would have never had existed had it not been for him.

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“Cruz Watermelon opened up the entire industry. 90% of the deals that exist today are because of that collaboration,” the rapper boldly stated.

AKA and Cruz might have ended a collaboration abruptly, but that birthed another opportunity for him to grow his business with the alcohol brand.

In a statement, AKA revealed his plans to create his own spirit brand which will not entirely deviate from the Cruz Vodka brand.

"Post lengthy discussions, Kiernan Forbes (AKA) has shared his ambition to create his own spirit brand with CRUZ management team. He outlined a change in his business model from AKA partner to AKA owned brands. We appreciate his vision and agreed that its the logical next step for him." a part of the statement reads. “He outlined a change in his business model from AKA partner to AKA-owned brands," they added.

In doing so, they will phase out his name from the Watermelon flavoured drink and also phase out Cruz Banana out from the market.

"We appreciate his vision and agree it's the logical next step for him. While AKA will remain an integral part of the Cruz family and a valued business partner, as per his request, we will be phasing his name off the Cruz Watermelon bottle and will phase Cruz Banana out of the market this summer."

Read the full statement below:

Here's how some of his followers reacted to this:

His business venture has been compared to Cassper Nyovest's Billiato which he had to take some time to convince people that he does indeed own the brand.

After Musa Khawula exposed the real owner of Billiato, Cassper set the record straight.

"I am the majority shareholder of Billiato. Not only am I an owner but I'm the founder, the CEO and Marketing director!!! I own my products. I'm not a brand ambassador or an influencer. The support from the people has been sooo amazing. Please do keep supporting us. Thank you."

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"Billiato applying too much pressure I see. Your support is shaking the tables of these big businesses. Don't be fooled. They probably planning a smear campaign as we speak. We will not fold. We taking over. Thank you for your support. The is only the beginning!!!"

In another clip, Cassper explained further, "I never even spent a cent to create the brand. Took millions to start off the brand and I own majority of the brand. But I literally let people around me just pump the money in," he said.

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