Don't even think of asking for a picture from AKA if you haven't bought his music

Show him that you have purchased his songs so he knows it's real.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | AKA  | Drama


He's said it before and he'll say it again, don't ask him for any pictures if you can't prove that you're a supportive fan.

In what has been a great long weekend for South Africa and some of its entertainers, it may seem as though one of our entertainers, the Supamega, has a bone to pick with some of his "fans." 

We're not quite sure where the social media outburst stemmed from but we can bet our last cent that it has to do with a fan who asked him for a picture.

On Sunday night, AKA made it clear that he will not be taking any pictures with people who either have not purchased his music or people who have downloaded his music illegally.

AkA outburst

The rapper even warned that if you show him his music on your phone and it's pirated, best believe he's stealing your phone. Yikes!


AKA expressed his frustration at how he works hard to give people the best music he can offer but then people turn around and thank him by stealing his craft.

AKA world wide

This is not the first time AKA has addressed this matter, in 2015 the rapper expressed how frustrated he was about people asking for photos of him in public.  The frustration stemmed from when a fan had asked for a photo and autograph from the rapper when he was at a hospital picking his prescription.

"Asking for a photo does not make you a fan. Trust me on this one. Some people who want photos can't tell you what the name of my album is." he tweeted 

So yeah folks, before you approach the SupaMega just make sure you got his music or else you might just find yourself phoneless.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AKAworldwide/@welcometoromesa