The Megacy's Scathing Letter To Bheki Cele

They demand justice for AKA and Tibz

By  | Mar 26, 2023, 01:54 PM  | AKA  | Drama

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The death of Kiernan Jarryd Forbes has hit a lot of people. And the fact that no arrests have been made, 6 weeks after, remains a hot topic on social media. The Megacy has penned an open letter to police minister, Bheki Cele who has failed to give the nation some hope in finding the killers.

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The Megacy's leader Rhubu Thulisa shared the open letter to Bheki Cele, asking him to give answers. On not only Kiernan's murder however on the thousands of unsolved murders in the country.

“The murder of AKA was fully captured on CCTV, and there were many witnesses, yet, over six weeks later, the police have not made any arrests. The fact that there is a satellite police station right next to the restaurant at which the two were murdered and that the murderers can be seen on CCTV running past that station after the murders is an indictment on the police," wrote the Megacy member.

“According to the latest data, about 82 people are murdered in South Africa every day. That means since AKA’s murder, about 3444 people have been murdered in South Africa. Mr. President, if the police are not able to solve a murder case captured on CCTV, what hope is there that they will be able to solve all these murders, most of which do not have readily available leads or evidence as the AKA one?”

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The letter then switched the attention to the president, Cyril Ramaphosa, “Can you, with conviction, say you are satisfied with the performance of the Police Minister?”

“AKA was not just an artist, he was a patriot. He cared deeply about South Africa and performed, almost always, with the South African flag around his mic. The least South Africa can do for him right now is to ensure that his murderers are put behind bars," the letter states.

“We demand justice for AKA. We need assurance from the police that they are indeed working on this case and that substantive progress has been made thus far”

This follows AKA's bodyguard Dogg saying his murder could have been avoided had the proper protocol been followed that day on February 10 in Durban.

"Rules were broken, Kiernan Forbes was called & invited to go on Florida Road, had I been there that protocol would have not been breached. Simply because that call would've came through the ROAD MANAGER"  he told the journalist.

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