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AKA's murder still does not sit well with him

By  | Mar 09, 2023, 09:53 AM  | AKA  | Drama

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The mood surrounding the murder of Kiernan Jarryd Forbes has shifted. When news broke, heartbreak and shock took over a lot of people. Almost a month since his murder, no answers have been provided as to who ordered the hit on the rapper. Now, best believe people are starting to get angry and deman justice for AKA. Hence the trending hashtag on Twitter; #JusticeForAKA!

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Minister of Police, Bheki Cele spoke to the media yesterday, March 7, and claimed to have made progress in the murder investigation. He said his team has collected several cell phones from people they suspect in the murder, however that statement sounds exactly like something we heard days after AKA's murder. Leaving people with more questions than answers!

Youngsta CPT took to Twitter to question how did they allow for such a thing to occur right in front of the nation. He got called out for making it a race thing.

"How we let them kill AKA In front of us, like he was just another coloured bra? This Naaiers is mos taking us for a po*s!"

He even retweeted a tweet from a mega fan of AKA's who even named herself Bhovaress. She told Cele to not provoke the Megacy by giving out verbatim statements.
Youngsta said if the murder happened in Cape Town, the killer would have been found within an hour.

Nota was one person who was angry over his murder and called out all the people he suspected to have had a hand. 

“They (T Effect) took him to Durban to go die. They isolated him from us. There was nobody left to protect him when it mattered the most. They made him post his location so that they could have him killed. I believe everyone involved in taking Kiernan to Durban was in on killing him. The CCTV footage says it all. We can see who was there for the rehearsals. If the cops bungle this we’ll make sure Tony Forbes gets the answers he deserves.

“Durban, we don’t want you fucking AKA tributes, we want answers. Who ordered this hit, and who are the shooters? Everyone but Tibz and the driver, was part of their set-up so Kiernan’s crew need to each individually prove themselves innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. Until we have confessions, my suspects ate Saso, DJ Feel, Don Design, and Scorpio Siya.”

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