AKA's 'Anxiety' Lyrics From Mass Country Scrutinized

Conspiracy theories continues to make rounds on social media following the album release

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Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes latest album Mass Country has been hailed as a masterpiece. Following its release, the whole continent of Africa has been abuzz with the album topping charts and breaking records across all digital stores.

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Evidently, AKA's untimely death remains a hard pill to swallow for scores of his die hard fans and followers across the world. With a number of conspiracy theories that have come to play in an attempt to have somebody blamed for his murder. His late ex fiance's Anele 'Nellie' Tembe have been at the top of many people's head.

Following the video's from the crime scene in Florida Road, Durban and one of AKA's friend Don Design being accused of having a hand in his murder. It appears the situation continues to go pear shape as the Tembe family continues to be subliminally called out for AKA's murder.

tweeps have gone as far as quoting certain lyrics to substantiate and justify their conspiracy theories surrounding AKA's murder. Some of the lyrics that have stood out is where AKA's slams Minister of police Bheki Cele who was asked to speak at the funeral but him.

"Listen to Mass Country very closely. "If I'm getting killed, it's them" we all know who they are." wrote Frank Nyama
More tweeps joined came in number and jumped of the bandwagon while quoting their own lyrics that they think had hidden messages. The subliminal context of the lyrics goes to show the creativity of an artist but in most cases, the lyrics always carry either direct or indirect messages.

Hence more tweeps have proceeded to quote more lyrics from different songs that they think are subliminal enough to have a hidden message.

"“Lawyers on lawyers, they cost me a fortune. They loya’ed, they loya'ed, put price on my head”" wrote Ashley Tsundu
"He confessed on that album. They put a price on his head" wrote Morena Shai
"“I get that you want someone to blame, but she’s gone…you sent flames my direction”" wrote Lady A
"“Lawyers on lawyers, they cost me a fortune. They loya’ed, they loya'ed, put price on my head (Huh)”" wrote Collen KM
"They were probably sending him threats too" wrote Danica Khumalo
However, leading up to AKA's funeral, the Tembe family was in the wrath of AKA's scores of fans. It took Anele Tembe's father, Moses Tembe to issue two statements while distancing himself and his family from any involvements in the murder of Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes.

In a statement, he described the allegations as cruel and libelous.
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