Alwin Schindler joins the Madame Zingara tour

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Yesterday we opened up our Madame Zingara's Miracle Tour Competition, allowing one lucky winner the opportunity to watch this incredible show for one night in September. Today we're allowing everyone to learn a little more about the show and we've interviewed one of the talents, Alwin Schindler. Alwin has recently joined the Theatre of Dreams, entertaining Zingara fans with his unique juggling act.  ZAlebs finds out more about this German juggler. 
Hi Alwin, and welcome to ZAlebs. Where are you from?
I am from Berlin, Germany.
Have you been travelling all your life?
Yes. I was born in Transylvania, my ancestors settled there from Belgium/Luxembourg around 850 years ago. When I was 13years old, my family emigrated back to Germany.  Since then, I am always on the road ... and on the seven seas. I've performed my shows all over Europe, in China, then a lot on cruise Ships travelling South America, The Caribbean, the Middle East and South East Asia!
When did you start the life in the arts/on stage?
When I was 7 years old, I saw a juggler performing in a circus. From that day on I knew, it’s the only thing I wanna do. I immediately started juggling at home with potatoes without a teacher, it was very hard to learn, but I did! I started performing on stage at the age of 14 and then being invited to perform at more and more places, I found myself suddenly performing for variety - and corporate shows
Do you have a stage name or is this your real name?
Alwin Schindler is my real name. I used to appear under a stage name in the past years, but I wanna get away from that. It’s much more personal for me to hear my real name
How old are you?
I forgot, but I've been told that I was born on the 27th July 1977 
How long have you been performing for?
From the age of 14.
How long do you train for?
Ever since I had this dream
Have you ever visited SA before this?
No, it is the first time. And I love it to be in South Africa now it is a dream that is coming true
What do you miss the most about home?
Oh, my trick dog Rastelli. She is a beautiful Spanish Shepherd dog and she is sitting on my back when I am riding by bicycle. People in the street cheer at us and are taking pictures. Rastelli is more than a pet she is a friend of mine, which makes me happy
What is your favourite part of your job?
The applause of the audience, the cheering people make me happy. Always encouraging me to go for more!
What is the most challenging part of your job?
Challenging is to be good at what you do
How many objects can you juggle?
In my show I juggle up to 7 glow-in-the-dark rings. When practicing I do 8 and 9 of them, my personal record is 10 at a time, which I only have achieved a couple of times
What type of objects do you juggle; do you like to mix up your props? 
I am quite good at ring juggling on stage I mix up only 2 props with clubs. But if I do my 40min solo show I use around up to 10 different props.  I like mixing classic juggling props with things from everyday life such as apples, eggs, chairs, bicycles, spoons, cigarettes and matches, etc...
Do you have any juggling jokes?
Yes, my favourite is: "Why does a juggler have to get up at 7pm, because the supermarket is closing at 8pm."
Well that’s the impression my family and friends have of me; that I have to travel and perform one act of 6 minutes long. But the truth is that juggling is a circus skill that requires the most practicing, I can spend up to 6 hours a day practicing.
What is something quirky and completely bazaar that no one would ever think or know about you?
Oh, nothing..... I am just an ordinary guy. I like to experience new things, paragliding for example. I also love taking pictures capturing all my travels. I do have a rare condition that could perhaps be regarded as bizarre: Grapheme, this is a form of color synesthesia  where letters or numbers are perceived as inherently colored. This 
Do you know where juggling comes from, the history behind it?
Actually, it is said, that juggling has its roots in ancient Egypt dating back 4000 years. The earliest known record of juggling is depicting female dancers and acrobats throwing balls in a Tomba, 2000 BC.

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