Amanda Black On 'Women On Women' Hate

She bashes fake feminists.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Amanda Black  | Drama

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In the midst of a famous rape case between two popular celebrities, women on women hate became pretty evident for many people.

This has been concluded, looking at the amount of women who devalue Lady Zamar's experience that she allegedly suffered at the hands of musician ex, Sjava.

With the amount of women and children abuse as well as femicide going on in the country, artists such as Amanda Black are disappointed at the fact that women are their own biggest haters. 

She went on a mini twitter rant, calling out the fake feminists who pull each other down.

"Stop pretending to be fake feminists when it suits you It’s either you’re for women or you’re not. Yhuu niyadika man. Opinion is one thing but the hate y'all spew on this app,

"The same way y'all say you don’t believe victims of rape keep it there, fine YOU don’t believe them. Thula kengoku there’s no need for name calling!!" she wrote.

She also encouraged women who know nothing about abuse to do their research and educate themselves on the the sensitive matter.

The musician has even stood by DJ Zinhle when majority of the country was bashing and mocking her, over the breakup from AKA.

Her tweet suggested that Zinhle should trend for the amazing work she does career wise instead of her private life.

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Picture credit: Twitter/@AmandaBlackSA
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