Nota Makes Fun Of Black Coffee's Disability

Nota takes aim at Black Coffee after he said this

By  | Jun 29, 2022, 01:48 PM  | Black Coffee  | Drama

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Black Coffee was dragged by Nota Baloyi, AKA The Authority over an old clip shared on social media. The music executive topped the trends list when he responded to the old clip taken from an interview on Zulu Man With Some Power Podcast, with Nasty C and Scoop Makhathini.

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In the clip, Black Coffee said he would not want to be managed by a man like Nota. It is believed Nota managed Kwesta during their heydays but had a fallout when Rap Lyfe fell apart.

The trio was talking about the business side of the music industry and how they want to keep a clean stable because if there is one person who is bad, the rest of the team gets placed in the same basket.

Nasty C first commented and said, “Sometimes you learn the hard way. The messed up thing is that when there’s that one messed up Apple, people look at you guys as ‘we don’t want to work with them.’ I would say that, luckily for me, and I took these as hints. A lot of the people came up and to me and said – is there anyone else we can talk to? And then I started to pick up the problem.”

Black Coffee added his own thoughts on this and said he likes to be hands on in things even though he has the best team which he trusts.

“It’s really tough, even if the structure is there. It’s all up here (points to the mind). One of the things I feel like I always made a mistake on; you build a team, and this is something I had never done until they told me. Something I didn’t do that much is how involved I am in my business now because I knew I had the best people. Now, moving forward, if you are going to send any e-mail that has my name cc me in. That’s all because I am the business.”

He then had to use Nota as an example and said he would not like to be managed by a man like him, "I’m going to mention names right now. Look at this guy, he calls himself the authority," mentioned Black Coffee and Nasty and Scoop Makhathini laughed. "I look at him as a person and I wouldn’t want to be managed by a guy like that," added Nathi.

"You can get a guy like that to manage you but you are not aware of his persona. And you give him your entire brand and you don’t know the conversations. You don’t know how he’s treating your clients and everyone who’s making you money. I’m saying these are the mistakes we make.”

Controversial Twitter blogger Musa Khawula re-shared this old interview from 2020 and it gained the attention of Nota. The Authority as he calls himself, poked fun at Black Coffee's disability and said he should rather just focus on his hand.

"He should worry about managing his hand, being a good father & not me managing his brand… Im his late 40’s & he doesn’t have my accolades or my record sales. Where did his advice get Nasty C because Costa Titch has blown him out the water while Scoop still a deadbeat Dad junkie!"

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