Amanda du-Pont on why she left RGB

The job was just not cutting it for her

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Amanda du-Pont  | Drama

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When the public came to know more about Amanda du - Pont, what we got introduced to was a gorgeous extroverted young lady who came to make her mark in the entertainment industry.

Within a short matter of time, Amanda not only appeared on adverts but scored an acting role on TV series - Skeem Saam, co-hosted a show on Metro FM and was a presenter on Real Goboza (RGB).
While she enjoyed working on RGB, her job clashed with a lot of relationships she had built with fellow entertainers in the industry and that lead her to make make some serious decisions about her career on RGB.

During her interview on Metro FM’s lunch with Thomas and Pearl, Amanda revealed that the RGB show was no longer serving her purpose or where she wanted her career path to go.

“I enjoyed the platform, but certain parts of the show had to be spicy and saucy to certain people and I no longer had it in me to do it. I know it was for entertainment but at what cost? It’s not ok, imagine I know you and next week I’m like ‘Yhu, Pearl what were you wearing? And I’m like that’s not me and it doesn’t serve me or my purpose so maybe it’s time I should leave," she said. 


She further revealed that her job at RGB nearly tarnished her friendship with Khanyi Mbau.

“I remember Khanyi once called me and she was like ‘Friend how can you say that? My mom loves you, why would you say that about me? 'And I was like friend, they made me and it was at that point where I was just like, I don’t have to do this, so now it’s all about things that are positive.”

Amanda added that she does not regret anything and is grateful for the opportunity that the platform had given her at the time.

Amanda nowadays is all about positivity and minding her business whilst living her life through grace.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AmandaDupont

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