Minnie Dlamini's Acting Credentials Questioned

This comes as the star celebrates her “Storytellers” cover shoot.

By  | Feb 08, 2023, 04:57 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Drama

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Minnie Dlamini has been steadfast in making moves to re-establish herself as part of the centre of entertainment news ever since announcing her divorce from ex-husband Quinton Jones. However, the road to re-establishing herself to days when she was “the body” and one of South Ah’s “IT” girls has not been easy.

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From allegations of her sleeping her way to the top, to her mental health battles as she continues to deal with the backlash over her divorce and the passing of her late brother. Dlamini was looking for wins that would garner some positive headlines

As such, it seemed that her cover shoot with veteran actress Connie Chiume was a step in the right direction. This is as Minnie and Mam’Connie are the cover girls for the February edition of The Plug SA, which in the “Storyteller” edition focused on the generation of (female) storytellers in film. 
While the cover story was initially met with applause, it did not take long for the question as to whether Minnie deserved the cover. 

Minnie Dlamini's acting credentials questioned

In the article shared by The Plug SA, it shared the reason Minnie was selected for this specific edition by stating that: 

“These women represent two generations of SA film and storytelling. In their own ways they’ve contributed to its development, taking us into its future. Multichoice is where storytellers come together, and through these features they’ve helped us tell the stories of two generations of SA film and television, bringing people together around a shared love of storytelling.”
However, it seems that there was the question as to whether Minnie deserved to be on the cover. 

A conversation that was articulated by entertainment commentator, Phil Mphela when he shared that: 

“Our industry can be so lazy!

With the 100s of young female actresses & filmmakers we have, this would’ve had more impact if Mama Connie was paired with one actress making strides as an upcoming talent.

Sort of handing over the baton… Given the theme of the cover story.”

Moreover, while Phil might have been diplomatic and nuanced in his argument, some commentators on the matter decided to go to the gutter. This is as there were other comments which were less flattering and believed that Minnie did not deserve to make the cover given her minimal acting experience which arguably did not have a memorable high except for her Rockville stint as Nosipho. 
Whatever people might feel about Minnie making the cover. It seems that Minnie believes that she deserves the cover. More especially considering that she is on the way to making her big screen debut with her upcoming leading and executive-produced film The Honeymoon. 

Ahead of the official release in March 2023 of the film, Dlamini has already shared the official trailer of the film which from the looks of it will be a romantic comedy which is focused on friendly sisterhood love. The film also does include Tumi Morake and Kajal Bagwandeen as her leading co-stars. 
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