Andile Jali's drinking put on blast

Question is, will it affect his image as a soccer player?

By  | May 14, 2023, 11:56 AM  | Andile Jali  | Drama

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It seems that there is a public image that some soccer players are meant to keep. Specifically, it seems that they must have a clean image which cannot put their respectiv soccer team in disrepute. However, there is contention as to where that line is meant to be drawn.

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As such, the site of this debare currently happens to be with Mamelodi Sundowns player and all-round respected player Andile Jali

Andile Jali’s drinking put on blast by friends

Andile Jali joined a motorbiker riders’ club called the Matat Riders. A group of friends which he celebrated his birthday with, and continues to trave cross country on their motorbikes with.
However, the problem came from a Tik Tok which features Andile speaking about his drinking habits. In the video in question, Andile asserts that one telltale sign that he has had too much to drink is when he leans on the nearest corner of the club and rests his eyes. 

The beloved player explains that even waking him up only means that he will wake up only to leave the location to go and sleep. 

For the most part, the video is innocent enough at the first watch. However, it only took the video being circulated on Twitter for the conversation and debate to be sparked as to whether it is appropriate for a soccerstar to be so candid about their drinking.
As such, there were those that believed that he was setting a bad image for himself and placing his soccer team in bad esteem for his utterances. Moreover, they placed blame on his friends for sharing the video.
However, there were those that believed that the video was innocent enough and did not warrant the type of backlash that it has since received.
Andile, on the other hand, has seemingly not found out about the furore the video has caused. This is as he and the rest of the Matat Riders are currently riding in Queenstown and have yet to be alerted about the drama surrounding the now viral video. 

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