Anele Mdoda Gets Attacked For Skinny Shaming

Her problems never end

By  | Oct 01, 2021, 08:14 AM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

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Anele Mdoda has been trending for all the wrong reasons of late and today is no exception. The radio personality has been called out for skinny shaming women and tweeps are not impressed by this.

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If Anele Mdoda is not trending for that Kelly Rowland Tweet where she said the American singer is not beautiful, she is trending for saying or doing something controversial.

This time, Anele Mdoda skinny shamed women and it did not land. Anele posted a picture which said, "The chubbier the girl, the more peaceful she is. These skeletons are very rude." Then Anele Mdoda added fuel to the fire and said there is no security company dedicated to slim people, but there is one for chubbier people and it is called 'Chubb'

"Can y’all respect us !!!! I don’t see a security company called THIN but there is one called CHUBB… so please," she laughed.

The insults came one by one and people made sure to grill Anele Mdoda.

Anele Mdoda is not the only celebrity to be called out for body shaming other women who are slimmer. Thickleeyonce too has done it more than once and she got called out. This trend started years back when Thickleeyonce was called out for projecting her insecurities onto other people by making fun of slim women.

When she got body shamed, she lost it. The model was craving junk food early in the morning and tweeted about it. Tweeps encouraged her to crave gym instead of Pizza and she did not take it lightly.

"I see skinny people tweeting about eating KFC for breakfast , no one will say anything about their health, but let me talk about craving chocolate at 8am, then everyone is a doctor who’s worried about my health. Please. Gtfoh.

"You don’t care about fat people’s well-being, you just want to police our bodies and mask your fatphobia as “concern” for our health. Just stop," she said. In another incident she stated, “Y’all are so pressed about what I put on MY body. If it fits me, it’s for my body type… My mentions are annoying me. Y’all hate to see fat women happy and wearing whatever they want.”

Anele Mdoda recently got into a car accident which almost saw her ankle getting badly hurt -  if it wasn't for Cassper Nyovest's Drip Sneakers called 'Root Of Fame 990.'

In her morning breakfast show, Anele said she had just gotten back from a trip back home and was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up.  “I am, waiting to get picked up [by my boyfriend] and now I’m standing where everyone is standing, waiting to get picked up. The next thing, I feel the biggest pressure forcing me to the ground. It is the most bizarre feeling, so I think ‘oh I’m getting mugged’, so I turn to grab whoever is mugging me,” she revealed as quoted by Daily Sun.

“Then I’m on the floor and I’m wondering what is going on. The next thing I feel my right foot is just stuck. I’m trying to move it, but it’s stuck. Now I can’t move my entire body, but there’s something on top of me. Guys, did I not get hit by a car!” she said.

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