Anele Mdoda Voices Her Opposition To The Reopening Of Churches

The queen of breakfast radio reflected on the state’s decision to open churches from 1 June.

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 03:53 AM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

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Anele Mdoda reacted with the rest of the country to the announcement that churches will reopen when most of the country moves to alert level 3 restrictions.  Her first post in reply to friend, Khaya Dlanga strings of tweets reflecting on churches reopening from Monday, 1 June 2020. 

Khaya had shared his fear that pastors will want to “lay hands on people as a demonstration of faith.” Anele responded to the tweet by questioning the practicality of the 50 maximum people allowed to congregate by asking, “I can only hope they follow the rules of no more than 50 people and how does that work? First come, first serve? And those who did not make the 50 cut?”

The 947 personality then moved on to tweet a series of tweets about the church services.  The first provided a reason why she would attend a church service by explaining that,” I don't attend church but I could now, to see the family I have not seen in 70 days.”

The tweets all affirmed Anele’s support on the decisions made by the state on how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic nationally “until now." She added, "It makes no sense and I'm not saying it's unfair to restaurants & smokers. I am saying this here, not being compared to anything, makes no sense.”
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