Arthur Mafokate Goes Broke!

Chicco slams Arthur for asking for handouts

By  | Mar 23, 2021, 09:41 AM  | Arthur Mafokate  | Drama

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Iconic musician Arthur Mafokate is going through tough times and joins legions of artists who are struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We assume this because he has allegedly applied for the National Arts Council grant.

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The COVID-19 relief funds were created in order to help people survive during the pandemic, as their livelihoods would have been affected. Artists as well, have their own funds set aside in order to help pay their bills as the arts sector was badly affected. To legendary muso Chicco Twala, wealthy people like Arthur are not deserving of the relief funds as he labeled him greedy for even queuing up for them.

Chicco conveyed his disapproval in an open letter after the record label boss applied for these funds. He says it diminishes the chances of other artists who are really struggling to access them.

He started off his letter by applauding Arthur's tremendous contribution to the music industry and also with the creation of 999, he elevated Kwaito music to be the success it is today.

However, he is very much disappointed in Arthur for even asking for government handouts whereas there are real struggling artists who need the funds. He said, before the pandemic, his record label has been benefitting from government funds, which made his company the wealthiest of them all. "This really shows you are a smart business man, however queuing for stimulus that are meant to benefit our struggling colleagues makes a mockery of your success.

“It’s practically not ethical to be asking for government COVID-19 relief assistance at the expense of our struggling colleagues when we both know we have enough resources to sustain ourselves during this pandemic. When Minister Nathi Mthethwa announced that his department was going to pay stimulus to artists to ease the financial burden they were experiencing, I didn't expect people like Arthur, Chicco or any successful artists to be in the que.”

He also reminded him that although they have set aside limited funds, they made it clear that not every artist was going to benefit, hence making their lives difficult. "Is it not common sense that established artists like you and I should step aside?"

He then asked Arthur to practice the spirit of Ubuntu, by allowing struggling artists who need to eat apply for funding, unlike him who just wants to exploit government funds.

Read the rest of the letter below:
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