Artists who have left Ambitiouz Entertainment

Talk about high artist turnover...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

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While the music industry in itself is a volatile space, one record label that has endured a lot of changes in a short space of time is Ambitiouz Entertainment. 

The label, which was founded by Kgosi Mahumapelo just three years ago, is home to some of the biggest artists in the country, including Emtee and Sjava. But keeping the family together hasn’t been easy over those three years and the result has been a label that sees a lot of artist changes on a frequent basis. 

Their ability to hone up-and-coming talent into national and even international level stars is unquestionable. But it remains to be seen if the constant exits, which have occurred for a number of reasons, will be good for long term business. 

Here is a list of artists who have left the label in its brief, three-year existence: 

Fifi Cooper 

Fifi Cooper left Ambitiouz Entertainment in a heated contractual dispute before taking the matter to court - an effort which the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) supported her with. The label was threatening to ban Fifi from performing any material she recorded under them.


Along with Fifi Cooper, A-Reece was the first high profile exit from Ambitiouz  after claiming that he was not being paid what he deserved. A-Reece has only grown in stature since his time at the label.


B3nchMarq left the stable at the same time as the first two, and although the duo were lower on the roster, fans were glad to see them finally get the platform to pursue their potential.

Amanda Black 

Amanda Black (25) looked to have found the perfect home at Ambitiouz Entertainment but that all fell apart too soon before she left in 2018. She then threatened to sue the label for a contract breach. 

La Flame 

Rapper, La Flame was another of the 2017 departures although his decision to leave was less keenly felt. His career had stalled at Ambitiouz and a fresh start was needed.

Priddy Ugly 

Priddy Ugly and Ambitiouz looked to be the perfect match for a brief period. Priddy joined in 2017 before leaving less than a year later saying he wants to release his own music.

Gigi Lamayne 

Gigi Lamayne is the latest rapper to leave the stable. Although there was no bad blood, she emphasized the desire to work and control a lot of her own material.
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