Babes Trolled For Using Late Husband's Social Media Pages

"This is becoming creepy"

By  | Jan 31, 2023, 12:49 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

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Babes Wodumo lost her husband Mampintsha 'Shimora' in December 2022 days before New Years. Ever since his funeral, Babes has been using his social media pages, more especially Facebook. At first, people did not care much for that as they saw it was her way of healing or proving that she indeed got the pin to unlock his phone. However, right now, many of Shimora's followers find it rather cringe that his social media pages are still active despite having witnessed his burial. Diverting the attention to Babes Wodumo, who is urged to stop using his pages.

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'Mampintsha's' recent post is of a poster promoting Babes Wodumo's upcoming single with TNS.

People flooded the comments section urging Babes to stop posting posting as it is getting creepy.

Without mentioning any names, radio presenter Mpho Maboi also chimed in on the issue of people posting on the dead people's walls.

"People who’s handles continue to tweet posthumously are creepy… Like why are we tweeting on behalf of the dead?! It’s almost as cringe as parents who IG for their babies and respond to themselves," commented Mpho Maboi

Here are some of the comments from people:

“Hayi this whole thing of u using his account is a little pathetic. I'm married too, I'd never ever do that. I'd respect my hubby and keep phone for memories only.”

Another said, “This is becoming creepy, can’t you change the name already? Maybe kube ‘ in memory of Mampintsha'”

Another follower advised Babes to get over Mampintsha and move on with her life.

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Babes Wodumo is back in  the studio recording new music with fellow Durbanite TNS. She is taking DJ Tira's advice to get back in the game. “Babes must go back to the top of the charts. When she joined the music industry she was charging R100,000 per gig. You [Babes] should not be comfortable [with earning less] and you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to go back to the top. You need to work hard and have a focus. Also, we still have Sponge [Babes’ child] to raise because Mampintsha is no longer," said Tira.

Babes is working to keep her family stable and also keep Mampinstha's memory alove. That also includes taking care of his family.

“Today I want to assure you that you will never go hungry when I’m still around. I will be your pillar of strength, you have a sister in me. If you need anything please call me and if you cannot get hold of me do not hesitate to come to my house at Westville. I am prepared to pay for a metered taxi,” said Babes at the funeral of Zama Gumede.

She also urged Tira to not abandon her,  "Thank you, Tira for loving my husband and Danger thank you. Tira please do not abandon me and you Danger," she said while speaking at Mampintsha's funeral service.

At Mampinstha's mom's funeral service, Babes vowed to take care of Mampinstha's family.

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