Babes Wodumo Is On A Kissing Spree

This follows after she kissed her "friend"

By  | Mar 14, 2022, 04:41 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

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Babes Wodumo once again causes a stir with her many stunts on social media. The Gqom singer, who rarely trends for anything positive, once again shares a video of her kissing yet another man.

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Her marriage with Mampintsha gained scrutiny way before they even tied the knot really, because of the drama which rocked them. Now, Babes has people talking because of her recent stunt which saw her kissing another man.

The singer and dancer saw the hype which was created after the first video where she kissed Sizwe Mdlalose, the man who is featured on Dladla Mshunqisi's song, Uphetheni Esandleni. In the video, the two of them are talking about being famous in Durban and other surrounding areas. They then brag about being well-known. Babes dances and says 'peace.'

In this new video Babes asks a man to give her a kiss and they both laugh afterwards.

Mampintsha even reacted to the kiss:

For many who know Babes, claim that's her cousin, also their resemblance is telling. But, cousin or not, many are finding this distasteful because she is married, and obviously the man she kissed first is not her family.

It's only been a few months into the new year and already Babes has been marred with controversy many times. If it's not her bashing Makhadzi and her mother-in-law, she is getting warning from other women telling her to stay away from Mampintsha as he is her man. 

The TikTok user told Babes that she is Mampintsha's first and only wife. "Hi Babes Wodumo, you call yourself MaSimelane, well I am MaMaphumulo, the real one. Please leave Makhadzi alone, I am Mampintsha's real wife. Just because you guys are married, that has nothing to do with me. I am also married. I don't know if you know this but he and I are married.

"Secondly, stop going around and dissing Mampintsha's mother, she is my mother-in-law. Just because they are hiding me you think I will remain quiet. I am tried of you, you think because people are scared of you, I will also be afraid of you. I want South Africa to organise a fight between us and on that day do not drink alcohol, eat pap because I will beat you up," she said.

Babes' toxic traits were exposed by Makhadzi who said Babes went berserk when Mampintsha laid eyes on her during their studio session. “I’m telling you, Babes Wodumo, that you never cared about what happened to your studio. I never told anyone about this except my boyfriend. I told him you were fighting for your boyfriend not to look at me, and that it’s something I cannot control. I came to your studio to work, and wanted Mampintsha to put a verse. But when I arrived, you didn’t want me to record. Instead, you fought with Mampintsha in front of everyone. You told him you had discovered me before him. You told me your problems and right now, I’m not even going to disclose that information.

“You were acting up, pouring alcohol on computers and couldn’t even control yourself in front of visitors. I had to wait because I wanted to work. Your man, Mampintsha, was following me around and it is not my problem. Your man loves women and you must deal with him, not me,” said a very angry Makhadzi.

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